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The Split Recruiting Service is a unique members only networking site for professional recruiters of all industries to share job orders and candidates.

Our Unique Split Networking Service makes it quick and easy to broadcast your jobs and candidates privately online to all active members coast to coast and develop new placement split partners and earn more fees.

Our service will automatically send the details of your postings confidentially via our 
proprietary messaging software to all approved members - this system gives both parties the opportunity to establish direct contact with other recruiters and communicate directly to make a successful placements.

Recent Postings

    Service Director - Reading, Pennsylvania    CyberArk Project Engineer - Lake Winnebago, Missouri    Senior HR Business Partner - Columbia, South Carolina    Senior Systems Engineer - Chicago, Illinois    Electrical Engineer - Farmington, Connecticut    Director of Human Resources - Milwaukee, Wisconsin    HRIS Supervisor/Manager - New York, New York    Accounts Payable Analyst - Lake Villa, Illinois    Recruiter (s) - Houston, Texas    Director of Laboratory Services (MLT/ASCP) - Tiltonsville, Ohio    Field Human Resources Manager - Los Angeles, California    Senior Corporate Accountant - Chicago, Illinois    Director / Partner – Valuation – Intellectual Property Damage - New York, New York    Accounts Payable Manager - Chicago, Illinois    Audit Principal – Director - Saddle Brook, New Jersey    Supply Chain Executive - Davenport, Iowa